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Acyutananda (eternal relationship with the Lord)

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Acyutananda (eternal relationship with the Lord)


On the order of Caitanya Mahaprabhu, Acyuta set out on a pilgrimage and returned after a long journey. During that journey Acyuta, being profoundly influenced by Lord Caitanya, formed a Sankirtana (Rahasa) party and preached the name of Sri Krsna in different provinces of India. The account of his Sankirtana party is discussed in an unpublished manuscript called Baranacharita-grantha.


Lord Caitanya and Acyuta had a very cordial relationship and are certainly eternal associates. The description in chapter ten of Sunya Samhita reveals that Acyuta was not only associated with Lord Caitanya during the period mentioned, but he was also a companion in previous births. The story indicates that Sri Krsna informed Sudama that He was going to descend to the earth. Krsna said: "Go thou Sudama, we shall meet again in Kaliyuga. I shall reveal myself in the form of Buddha, and you will bear the name Sundarananda. Later I will manifest in Navadvipa as Sri Caitanya and preach the name of Hari from door to door. At that time you will stay with us, and will be known by the name Acyuta. You will save the cowherd class."


In another passage of Sunya Samhita, Sudama, Subala and others asked Krsna how and when they would meet again. Krsna replied that they would be born as Panchasakhas in the Kaliyuga at Nilacala, and King Prataparudradeva would serve them.


Once Lord Caitanya came to Cuttack and the king desired to perform a religious festival. Lord Caitanya advised the king to bring the Panchasakhas. Thus the Panchasakhas came to Cuttack to join the party and the Lord embraced all of them. In the Chourasi Ajna it is described that Lord Caitanya sat in the Muktimandapa along with His five associates, the king, and Sarvabhauma. The Lord declared that the five associates were the followers of Krsna in every age. The associates replied that they were but five branches (panca sakha) of one tree. Lord Caitanya called them to his side and asked them to give a demonstration of their occult powers. He handed over the seed of a jackfruit to Jagannatha Dasa, and Acyutananda ripened the fruit.






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