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Paramesvara das Thakur (resurrected fox)

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Paramesvara das Thakur (resurrected fox)


One day, near Sri Rampur, at Akna Mahesh (the Sripat of Kamalakara Pippalai), there was a festival of nama-sankirtan going on within the temple of Lord Jagannatha there. Paramesvara was present and was dancing in a completely God-intoxicated state. At that time some miscreants passed by there, and seeing a dead fox lying on the road, they picked it up and threw it into the midst of the sankirtan party.


The highly exalted Vaisnavas present didn't feel any anger towards those ignorant fools, but Paramesvara felt sad to see the unfortunate dead fox, and so by his merciful glance he brought it back to life. Then that fox trotted out of the nat-mandir (kirtan hall) to the utter bewilderment of those miscreants, who then immediately fled from the spot.


Paramesvara dasa Thakura accompanied the Deity of Radharani that Sri Jahnava-devi sent to Vrindavana for Sri Govinda. He was the very dear servant of Sri Jahnava Mata.


His disappearance is on the full moon day of the month of Vaisakha. On that day the khunti (a symbol carried on a staff preceeding the kirtana party) that he used in sankirtan is placed next to his samadhi mandir.


Supposedly its history dates from the time when the Kazi gave his promise that no one would ever disturb the sankirtan parties again. This was an emblem of the Kazi, and its presence in front of the sankirtan party indicated that the party was sanctioned by the Kazi and thus no one should disturb them. Today it is decorated with eyes, tilak, flower garlands and cloths, and worshipped as a manifestation of Mahaprabhu Himself.






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