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Sri Acyutananda was the eldest son of Sri Advaita Acarya. He was born in the year 1428 Sakabda. He was extremely dear to Sri Gaurasundara. When Lord Caitanya came from Puri to Santipur, Acyutananda was only 8 years old.


"The small son of Advaita who was without any clothes, came to the lotus feet of Sri Gauracandra. Though his body was covered with dust, Prabhu picked him up and placed him in His lap. He spoke to him, 'Acyuta! Acarya is my father. Therefore you and I are brothers.'" [C.B. Ant 1.216]


According to Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika he is Kartikkeya. According to others he is Acyuta-gopika.


Advaita Acarya had three sons by Sita devi: Acyutananda, Krsna Misra and Gopala. By his wife Sri Devi he had another three sons: Balarama, Swarupa and Jagadisa. The three sons of Sri Devi were adverse to Mahaprabhu and were smarta mayavadis. Acyutananda was the disciple of Gadadhara Pandit. Until the disappearance of Mahaprabhu, Acyutananda resided at Nilacala. He used to dance in the kirtana party of his father before the chariot of Lord Jagannatha during the Ratha Yatra.


From his childhood he was deeply devoted to Mahaprabhu. One time a sannyasi who was a guest at Advaita Acarya's house inquired, "What is the relationship of Sri Caitanya with Kesava Bharati?" The Acarya replied, "Kesava Bharati is the guru of Sri Caitanya."


Acyutananda who was then only a child, overheard this and in an angry mood approached his father, "When you have said that Lord Caitanya has a guru, there can be no other explanation than that you have become deluded by the external potency. By his own desire unlimited universes merge into the pores of the body of Caitanya Gosai. How can you state that He who is the original source of all knowledge can have a spiritual master? You are my father and whatever I know I have learned from you. As you are my siksa guru how is it that now you are speaking something different?" [C.B. Ant 4.161]


Advaita replied, "I think that you are the father, and I am the son. Just to teach me you have appeared as my son."


Acyutananda never married. He had one sister named Nandini. Krsna Misra had two sons: Raghunath and Dola Govinda. The descendants of Raghunatha still worship the Deity of Madana Gopala in Santipura. Dola Govinda had three sons who resided at Malda. Acyutananda was present at the Kheturi Utsava. Towards the end of his life he resided at Santipura.


Appearance: 1428 Sakabda.


"A big branch of Advaita Acarya was Acyutananda, His son. From the beginning of his life he engaged in the service of the lotus feet of Lord Caitanya.


"When Acyutananda heard from his father that Kesava Bharati was the spiritual master of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu, he was very unhappy. He told his father, `Your instruction that Kesava Bharati is the spiritual master of Caitanya Mahaprabhu will spoil the entire country. Lord Caitanya Himself is the spiritual master of the fourteen worlds, but you say that someone else is His spiritual master. This is not supported by any revealed scripture.'


"When Advaita Acarya heard this statement from His five-year old son Acyutananda, He felt great satisfaction because of his conclusive judgement." [Cc Adi 12.13-17]



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