Sri Paramananda Puri took birth in the province of Trihuta, which is today comprised of Majahfarpur, Dwarbhanga and Chapra districts. He was dear disciple of Sri Madhavendra Puri. [C.B.Ant 3/178]


The first meeting of Mahaprabhu and Paramananda Puri took place in South India at Rsabha Parvata. Mahaprabhu recited many prayers and hymns while taking darsana of Lord Narayana at Rsabha Parvata. Paramananda Puri was present there at that time for the four months of the rainy season (caturmasya). Hearing this auspicious news, Mahaprabhu went to meet him and offered his obeisances at his feet. Paramananda Puri in turn embraced Him in great love. For three days they remained absorbed in talks of Sri Krsna, staying together in Puri Gosai's room. Paramananda Puri told Mahaprabhu that he would be going to Purusottama (Puri) and then on to Gauda (Bengal) to take bath in the Ganges.


Mahaprabhu then requested him to return from there to Nilacala as He would Himself be going there from Setu Bandha. Mahaprabhu expressed His desire that the two of them could reside there together. "Being kind upon me, please come to Nilacala." Saying this He took permission to leave and set out for the South, feeling very joyful. Then Paramananda Puri began his journey to Puri. According to Gaura-ganoddesa-dipika, Paramananda Puri was formely Sri Uddhava in Krsna-lila.


Mahaprabhu respected Puri Gosai as his guru and whenever he received any invitation to honor the Lord's prasadam, He would always take Paramananda Puri with Him. Puri Gosvami was in turn very affectionate to Mahaprabhu in the mood of parental love. Mahaprabhu arranged one room and a servant for him at Kasi Misra Bhavan. Later on Puri Gosai took up residence at one Math on the western side of Lord Jagannatha's temple.


One day Lord Caitanya took Gadadhara Pandit with him and paid a visit to Paramananda Puri. There at the Matha, one well had been dug but the water was not very nice. Therefore Paramananda Puri was somewhat dissatisfied.

Mahaprabhu, being aware of everything. inquired, "Gosaiji, how is the water in your well now?" Puri replied, "This well is very unfortunate. The water is more like mud than water."


Hearing this Mahaprabhu was sad and therefore He raised up His two arms and prayed to Lord Jagannatha, "Lord Jagannatha, please bestow this blessing upon Me, that Ganga water will enter into this well." At that very moment, Gangadevi accepted the Lord's order on her head and entered into that well and filled it with her presence.


The devotees could understand that due to the Lord's prayer, Gangadevi had made her appearence. They circumbulated that well and offered their obeisances. Having received this auspicious news Mahaprabhu immediately came there and, seeing the pristine water, remarked, "Please hear me, O devotees. Whoever takes bath in or drinks this water will receive the same benefit as one does by bathing in or drinking Ganges water. He will attain pure devotion to Krsna."


Every day, Puri Gosai would first come to take darsana of Maha-prabhu, and then attend to any other activities. Mahaprabhu would in turn always look after him and see to his needs. Mahaprabhu announced, "I am in this world only due to the affection of Puri Gosvami. I belong to him and not to any other. He can sell Me anywhere He likes. Whoever simply sees him becomes the object of Sri Krsna's affection".


As Puri Gosai was the life and soul of Mahaprabhu, Mahaprabhu was similarly the life and soul of Puri Gosai. [C.B.Ant. 3.237-255]


Puri Gosvamis well can still be found at Jagannatha Puri within one police camp on the way to Lokanatha Mandira.






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