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Sri Raghunandana Thakur

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Sri Raghunandana Thakur



He was the son of Mukunda dasa (who is brother to Sri Madhava and Narahari Sarkar). This family hailed from Srikhanda. R.T. was Kandarpa Manjari in Vrajalila and Krishna's son also named Kandarpa in Dwaraka lila. One when his father went on business, the 8-year old R.T. fed the home Deity laddu. He was fearful his father would think he hadn't done the offering when the Deity didn't consume the offering, so he cried and the Deity took. When pop returned, pop thought the kid had eated it. But later he arranged the same would happen and spied from outside. He also saw the Deity eat the laddu.


The boy composed Gaurbhavamrta at age 8.


A Kadamba tree always yielded to the boy 2 bloomed flowers in any season for his worship of the Lord.


When dancing ecstatically he wanted to bless his disciple Krsna dasa. One of his ankle bells flew off and fell 4 miles away in a pond near that disciple's house. The pond is called Nupurkunda and the ankle bell can still be seen on display there in the village of Akaihati.


He told Srinivasa Acharya that the future of Vaishnavism in Bengal would look bleak because of factionalism. But later he blessed Srinivasa that he would generate a revival of the SKT movement.


At the end of his life he entered nama-kirtana continuously for 3 days. On the 4th day he chanted 'Sri Krsna Chaitanya' repeatedly and left his body.



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