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He belonged to the spiritual lineage of Lord Caitanya and stayed with the Lord at Puri (CC. 1.10.149-151). He came from the Kayastha caste of a South Radha clan. His father was named Sadasiva. Visnudasa was also referred to as Kavindra Visnudasa. It is said that at the command of Lord Caitanya, Visnudasa settled at Sanora village in the district of Dhaka. He is in no way related to the Kapindra-sampradaya. It is stated in the periodical Birabhumi 8.3.40 that a number of people from the Gado tribe were converted into Vaisnavism by Gosvamis of the Kavindra family. BRK. P. 1045 refers to one Kavindra as a notorious sinner.






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