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He was considered to be one of the nine roots of the tree of bhakti (CC. 1.9.14). Visnupuri was a sannyasi and according to CC. he was a disciple of Madhavendra Puri, however GGD. refers to him as a disciple of Jayadharma. He wrote the book Visnu Bhakti-ratnavali (VV. of Jiva 132, Devakin. 49, Vrnd.).


Haraparasada Sastri in Catalogue of Sanskrit Mss. Vol. V, Purana, P. (XXXIII) states that in 1633 A.D. (Saka 1555) Visnupuri completed the writing of Bhakti-ratnavali. If this statement is taken as accurate then Visnupuri's period comes one hundred years after Lord Caitanya. It is understood from the India Office Catalogue of Eggling, Vol. VI, PP. 1272-1273 that ms's. of Bhakti-ratnavali were copied in 1595 A.D.


Dr. S.K. De in Padyavali, notes on authors, p. 232, places Visnupuri as one who long preceded Lord Caitanya. It is found in Sankara Carita of Daityari Pandita, written in Assamese, that Visnupuri collected Bhakti-ratnavali from Sankara Deva Kanthabhusana. Similar statements are found in the Assamese manuscript of "Gurucaritra." It appears from Assamese sources that Dr. S.K. De's argument is correct.


Four pieces of evidence are available to prove that Visnupuri was a contemporary of Lord Gauranga.


1) CC. places him as a disciple of Madhavendra Puri. 2) Priyadasaji, the commentator of Hindi Bhaktamala P.554, writes that on receiving a letter from Lord Caitanya, Visnupuri compiled Bhakti-ratnavali and sent it off. 3) In 1809 A.D. Buchanam Hamilton heard at Purnea that about 300 years ago there lived an erudite sannyasi named Visnupuri, who later entered married life (See Purnea report p. 275). If 300 years are subtracted from 1809 A.D. we arrive at 1509 A.D when Lord Caitanya was 23 years old. In an Assamese book titled Sankaracarita verse 3296 Ramacarana Thakura writes that Visnupuri looked for a wife to have romantic pleasure. 4) Jayananda P. 126 and Locana P. 2 count Visnupuri within Lord Caitanya's circle of devotees. B.B. Majumdar states that Visnupuri was possibly a disciple of Jayadharma. But since he lived a very long life he received the grace of Madhavendra Puri and Lord Caitanya.






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