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He was the second son of Vallabhacarya. Despite being the head of the Vallabha sampradaya he practiced bhajan of Lord Gauranga. He served the Gopalaji Deity in the village of Gathuli in Vrndavana. CC. 2.4 describes the story relating to the revelation of this Gopala Deity.


Madhavendra Puri installed the Gopala Deity on top of Govardhana Hill. Later, Lord Caitanya wanted to see the Gopala Deity, but would not climb Govardhana Hill. Thus Gopala arranged to come down from the hill and give darsana to Mahaprabhu. Originally Madhavendra Puri himself worshiped the Deity, but later turned over the charge of the Deity service to two Gaudiya Vaisnavas. (see also "Madhavendra Puri)


According to BRK. 5.815 after the death of the said two Gaudiya Vaisnavas, Vitthalesvara was nominated as the priest in charge after consulting Dasa Gosvami and others.


The name of Vitthalesvara is found in the section Sri Gopala-stavaraja in Stavavali of Dasa Gosvami (13,14) and `Sri Gopala Devastaka' (7) of Cakravarti Thakura. When Raghunatha dasa Gosvami had an attack of indigestion, Vitthalesvara called two physicians to treat him.(BRK. 5.577)


When Srinivasa Acarya in course of his pilgrimage to Vrndavana arrived at Gathuli, Vitthalanatha welcomed him warmly (BRK. 5.804). To escape the wrath of the Muslim rulers the Gopala Deity was kept hidden in the house of Vitthalanatha for one month (CC. 2.18.47). There a large number of devotees went to have darsana of Gopala. This Gopalaji is now at Nathadvara. The opulent worship offered at Nathadvara cannot be found anywhere else in India.


Vitthalanatha wrote a commentary on `Premamrta-rasayana' written by Lord Caitanya and a book titled Vidvanmandana. In addition he wrote several other works as follows to vindicate his own sampradaya: Sri Brahma-sutra-nubhasya- purti, Vivrti-prakasa, Nivandha-prakasa-purti, Srngara-rasa mandana, etc. He died in 1508 Saka (1585 A.D.).






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